December Seasonal Bloom

December 4, 2014

The statement lily! As with any flower, there are many similar varieties. Asitic, yelloween, trumpet, etc… But nothing compares to the size of the oriental. This galmours lily  creates an elegant ensemble when used on its own or mixed in with other varieties.

Stunning beauties with a marvelous fragrance. Best to use here and there throughout the reception, otherwise it can become overwhelming aroma. Each stem offers 3-5 large trumpet shapped flowres. Some have white edged petals, others have a different shade in the center. Many have spotted or freckled spots inside the blooms. Something for everyone! Because of the volume of each bloom, they are best used in statement pieces. Such as buffet pieces, altar structures, escort card focal, etc… But not limited to. Each individiual bloom can be incorporated into bouquets or low compact floral centerpieces to bring it all together for a seamless event.





Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Gayla Harvey