Luxurious Lounges

September 2, 2015

Trying to give your wedding’s atmosphere that extra wow factor? Consider your setup and all elements you want to incorporate! Why not create a lounge for your guests? This is becoming more seen at weddings and is an unexpected surprise, unlike typical seating, to wow your guests! Create a seating area that has a warm, cozy, more personal feel to it. You can bring in fun couches and add in throw pillows that show off your weddings fun theme or color palette! On a budget?…..have a family member help to create the throw pillows! This will be an area where your guests can escape the dance floor to sit with their drinks, converse with other guests, and sit comfortably while they enjoy the exciting night. Simply, your designing a living room setting in an outdoor space, too cool! Small little additions like this is what will make your wedding have that special personal touch of you that all of your guests will be able to notice.

Check out some of the fun lounges we have helped to create below!