engagement story:brian+katie

July 14, 2011

An introduction to my darling bride Katie and her handsome man Brian. I met these two a few months back and have not gone more than a couple of days without a good dose of Katie and she truly makes my day. Such a fantastic family and two adorably fun people that I can’t wait for the July 7th, 2012 wedding. Here is a little on how the couple met straight from the two love birds:

On the Carnival Triumph 2008, Katie heard this loud voice yell “8675,”  which she finished it off with, “309.”  Brian and Katie met the first 5 minutes they were on the cruise ship.   Brian was on the ship with a big group of Clemson friends and Katie was with two of her best friends and her parents.  Papa B and Debbie fell in love with Brian as did Katie.   Let’s be serious Brian and his friends had her parents dancing on stage in Margaritaville.  Thankfully, her parents were there because she was flying to see him shortly after.  The rest is history and now 3 years later they are engaged and having a Destination wedding to celebrate their lifelong journey together.