2019 Floral Trends

January 3, 2019

We are seeing floral trends for 2019, already!

Brides are leaning towards modern, design and color this year!

For a few years now, we’ve seen the cascading, organic, boho style with greenery galore. From all greenery bouquets and tall centerpieces spilling with the latest forage adventure. (watch out for the bugs!) The love for eucalyptus has been overwhelming, and we can understand why, at times.
But with this new trend, we are seeing couples leaning back to blooms for the tables.

Translation, no more greenery garlands for the long farm tables.

The focus is on color and candlelight! We’ve found that they are going with color because it’s more them and they want ” less bridal”. Makes sense. Each couple is different and unique and so should their wedding. This trend we can get behind! Bring on the color!

We also are seeing fun vessels being chosen! From family favorites to unique dainty, to the large oversized. It’s not just a vase to hold a beautiful bloom anymore. Focus is on the whole arrangement including the container.




2019 Trends

  1. Modern Design: More Blooms (less greenery)
  2. Color, Color, Color
  3. Statement Pieces
  4. Container lively, unique, delicate